Friday, 21 January 2011

Tri to run, run to tri?

I've found myself a little too interested, of late,  in the idea of running longer distances...and running those distances off the beaten path.

Now I don't have any idea if I can run these distances, or even if they would bore me, but, over the past several years, my most pleasurable workouts have been off road in places that I have never explored before - running, climbing, walking, taking pictures - and never overly concerned about pace.

I've also been living somewhat vicariously through the stories and experiences of some local amazing athletes, such as Johnny Venture and Stacey Shand. I've also been following the triumphs, disappointments and musings of some online friends' blogs On the Run and Back of the Pack.

Still trying to mend my Plantars Fasciitis, I'm not running as much as I would like. The -30 to -40c temps of late have not helped either. But I am doing lots of snowshoeing and still enjoying the outdoors.

I have no Ironman scheduled, this year. Although I am really looking forward to the Great White North HIM in July. I'm also looking forward to another Ironman and hopefully the Silverman in 2012/13.

So. I started swimming again this week and enjoyed the numb tired feeling afterwards. I have ramped up my indoor biking and am leading a class on Saturdays. This week, the session is called "spin 'til you puke" - although, after I did a practice run of it, I felt less like puking and more like having a long nap. And I have done a few longish runs, so I will be ready come tri season.

The question is, should I try to run off road and see where the road less traveled takes me? What if that choice indeed makes all the difference and leads me even further from triathlon. And what if it does? I am trying to find my bliss, or at least follow it. It is out there somewhere. And whether it is wearing spandex or gators or, maybe, crampons, I just need to go have a look at what is just beyond that ridge or coulee...

For the time being, I'll amuse myself with the ongoing debate about Ironman vs Ultra runner. Here's a recent installment from the interwebs for your viewing pleasure.



  1. OK, OMG! Where to start?!? Tri v. Running, well, my opinion is wicked biased because this is *exactly* what happened to me! I started the whole fitness thing specifically to participate in triathlons, running was just something I HAD to do to get there. Slowly, surely, I lost interest in swimming (glub glub goodbye) and lessened interest in biking, then found myself actually LIKING running (much to my surprise) and then doing that for longer and longer distances. To be honest, I've never looked back. Goodbye pool, seeya in a while, bike, let's go for a looong run! In the end, tri's just made me suffer, and NOT in the way I like to suffer -- running does that, for me.

    And the video! Ha to the Ha! I loved the definition of an ultra runner being someone who's fat, can't run fast, and can tolerate a lot of boredom -- fits me to a T. Actually, I have no patience for boredom, rather I seem to be able to just turn my mind off and can tolerate . . . nothingness. Is that the same?

    Thanks for the big shout-out!

  2. Ahhhhh . . . you are so nice to leave a link to my blog. And I love that video. I can totally relate to the ultra runner (though I'm not exactly an ultra runner). Thanks for posting. It cracked me up.


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